About Procurement Services Panel

The Procurement Services Panel is a facility to enable Agencies to access a range of procurement services from pre-qualified suppliers using a standardised contract and related processes. The broad categories of services in-scope of the Procurement Services Panel include:
  • Business Case Development
  • Planning and Strategy Development
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Communication
  • Procurement Operations and Support
  • Evaluation Support
  • Risk Assessment and Analysis
  • Negotiation and Contracting
  • Transition and Implementation Assistance
  • Contract Management
The intended benefits and objectives of the panel include:
  • Ability to access high quality resources
  • Ease of access and minimise timeframes to engage services
  • Streamlined process to access services
  • Standardised approach to contracting and liability
  • Access to competitive rate cards and quoting of services
  • Addressing IPP provisions
  • Reducing the cost of procurements
  • Reducing the risk of projects and procurements
  • Reducing the cost of doing business with government
  • Improving knowledge sharing across government
  • Improving management information relating to in scope procurements
The Procurement Services contract will be established for a one year initial term, with two one year extension options, up to a maximum period of three years. Providing access to a portal will provide a convenient means for suppliers and customers to interact and seek quotes for work to be undertaken, and also an opportunity to leverage standard contract terms and a consistent liability approach. There is no limit to the number of suppliers that will be included on the panel. Over the term of the contract, additional suppliers may apply and demonstrate their capability for inclusion on the panel. Entities with an Australian Business Number that can provide procurement services as outlined in this document can apply to become a panel supplier. Expanded information on the categories is provided in the respective application forms (Form A and B). Suppliers must be able to provide services in at least one of the service categories they are applying to join. All procurements under the Procurement Services Panel must be transacted via the portal. Suppliers and agencies use the relevant portal to exchange:
  • Supplier Statements (summarising capability, capacity and experience)
  • Agency RFQs
  • Supplier RFQ responses
  • Agency and supplier Project Reviews